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MarinePass kick-off meeting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the kick-off meeting was not held at the very start of the project. However, holding it at this point proved to be an excellent on-boarding point for the external experts joining the project. In a dynamic kick-off meeting, the Zeraxo team, together with the partner team from Luminum, joined forces with a select group of external experts to launch an exciting project aimed at bringing a new quality to maritime passenger transport.

The meeting was an inspiring gathering, setting the stage for a collaborative journey to address critical challenges. Participants discussed strategies to tackle issues of low flow, congested ports, and urban loading centers. Furthermore, the meeting highlighted the paramount importance of improving passenger and luggage records for enhanced security.

With innovation at the forefront, the team shared their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge information and communication technologies to bring about transformative change.

This kick-off meeting served as a catalyst for teamwork, innovation, and shared goals, setting a clear path toward a successful project.

The Marine Pass project was supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Development and Innovation Programme in Croatia. Grant amount: €454 000. Contract number: 2020/563111 /

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Logistics summit 2023

We're proud to announce we will be showcasing the MarinePass solution on the upcoming Logistics summit 2023 being held in Düsseldof on the 11th and 12th of October 2023. 

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WOF & BUD Cargo Forum

We're proud to announce we will be showcasing the MarinePass solution on the upcoming WOF & BUD Cargo Forum 2023 in the historical Terminal 1 at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport on 27-28 September. 

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MarinePass kick-off meeting

Gathering at the project's kick-off meeting, the Zeraxo team, bolstered by partner team from Luminum and several external experts, converged to ignite a collaborative effort, marking the beginning of an exciting journey to improve the quality of maritime passenger transport.